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disincentive Meaning in Bengali

 যে বিধি বা ব্যবস্থা উদ্যোগ ও উৎপাদনকে নিরুৎসাহ করে, অন্তরায়,


অন্তরায়, যে বিধি বা ব্যবস্থা উদ্যোগ ও উৎপাদনকে নিরুৎসাহ করে,

disincentive's Usage Examples:

Taxes on horses and yaks, which had been a disincentive to livestock production were reduced, and yak production increased.

A disincentive is something that discourages an individual from performing an action.

There may be a disincentive for innovation also because the legal system of corrupted economies is.

clause" proved to be a disincentive to investment and improvement in later years, and in some locations was even said to be a disincentive to the capitalisation.

This severe pain is a disincentive for continued breastfeeding.

This acts as a significant disincentive to bringing forward court cases.

a disincentive for drug development as it hinders a manufacturer’s ability to recoup the investment in expensive clinical trials.

This disincentive is.

competition, so that there is an incentive to keep prices low and a disincentive to price gouge (i.

its "unbearable burden for the economy" which he claimed produces "a disincentive to work".

[citation needed] Some economists argue that capital levies are a disincentive to savings and investment, and cause capital flight, but others argue.

" The exclusionary rule is also designed to provide a remedy and disincentive for criminal prosecution from prosecutors and police who illegally gather.

Congressional debt-reduction committee and included the sequestration as a disincentive to be activated only if Congress did not pass deficit reduction legislation.

information on a piece's history, museums in particular, often have a disincentive to share information that could assist in an heir's claim.

Lambeth Review concluded that the British dual support system acts as a disincentive to business-university collaboration [HM Treasury 2003, p5] and that.

fee to play, permadeath may drive players away, creating a financial disincentive to permadeath.

the standard of living can be lessened in a socialist economy due to disincentive to production.

increase in total income or even a net loss, then this gives a powerful disincentive to take on such work.

revenues, removes both the incentive to increase electricity sales and the disincentive to run effective energy efficiency programs or invest in other activities.

To provide a disincentive for not acting when requiring to act, when safety to others necessitates.


deterrence; rational motive;


payment; encouragement; incentive;

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