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The majority of its members switched to the NSB, although Meijer, disillusioned, left politics altogether.

rallying point for the verligte (enlightened) Nationalists who had grown disillusioned with the hardline apartheid government of John Vorster and attracted.

Many neoconservatives were Jews disillusioned by leftist anti-Zionism.

boy, and his parents—within a flawed society that is oppressed and disillusioned with life's experience.

The founders of AJSU were disillusioned with the previous political parties of Jharkhand and wanted more militant.

English as Platonov, after its principal character "Mikhail Platonov", a disillusioned provincial schoolmaster.

He became disillusioned with the medical establishment and took interest in alternative medicine.

but after their activism was seen being repressed in Cuba many became disillusioned.

measures were largely abandoned, as the members of the Convention, disillusioned and frightened of the centralized government of the Terror, preferred.

concentrated among southwestern Canada West farmers, who were frustrated and disillusioned by the 1849 Reform government of Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte.

The story concerns a wealthy banker who, disillusioned with women, decides that the only mate for him would be an angel.

"I can't remember people being as disillusioned with politics in Australia as they are now," he said in 2000.

albums for the British progressive rock band Paladin, but he became disillusioned with the music industry and moved to Dorset with his wife.

protagonists usually could be described as "angry young men" who were disillusioned with modern society.

However, Mackie was disillusioned with football by this point and so pre-empted the ban by voluntarily.

was meant to provide a political home for Nationalists who had become disillusioned with J.




naive; enchanted;

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