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অন্তরায়, যে বিধি বা ব্যবস্থা উদ্যোগ ও উৎপাদনকে নিরুৎসাহ করে,

disincentives's Usage Examples:

extension of right-to-buy to housing associations and possible work disincentives under "Pay to Stay".

Economic disincentives are any factors that motivate.

conflicts and competition Forest degrading practices Economic incentives/disincentives Population growth and migration Inadequate fire fighting and management.

extra safety, despite their talk), or, it may be a result of legal disincentives such as product liability lawsuits (if a design change is made that.

for offering incentives for women to have children, and for providing disincentives for women to join the workforce.

market-based initiatives, energy efficiency programs, tax incentives, tax disincentives, energy conservation programs and alternative fuel programs.

government also added a gradually increasing array of incentives and disincentives between 1968 and 1973, penalising parents for having more than two children.

income, UBI, including whether a program of this nature would create disincentives to work for the recipients and, if so, to what extent.

in central London would always be nine miles per hour without other disincentives, given that this was the minimum speed that people will tolerate.

people driving at this "tolerable" speed unless there were any other disincentives against doing so.

Incentives and disincentives The incentive, certainly if not social housing, is to obtain a good.

Proposition 13 alters the balance of the housing market because it provides disincentives for selling property, in favor of remaining at the current property.

These laws helps the states to dismiss the disincentives to conserve water and do so without damaging pre-existing water rights.

home and community-based services, to dismiss Social Security work disincentives, to raise awareness of LGBTQ individuals with disabilities, to advance.

should be government-mandated taxes to limit pollution by economic disincentives or whether a market should determine the price to pollute.

Plan focuses on promoting trade in legal timber products and creating disincentives for trade in illegal products.

could face in trying to regain possession of their property created disincentives to owners' letting properties, which along with the fact that most council.

Families use different strategies to provide education despite the disincentives.


deterrence; rational motive;


payment; encouragement; incentive;

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