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embezzlers Meaning in Bengali

embezzlers's Usage Examples:

preventive methods rather than punishment; private justice (such as firing embezzlers or issuing no trespassing warnings to shoplifters) rather than public.

in an embezzlement scheme, ends up starting a fire to chase away the embezzlers as the guy try to save her from both the flames and the crooks.

Past examples include convicted and incarcerated embezzlers Rodrigo Rato and Iñaki Urdangarín, celebrities romantically linked to.

embezzlement fiasco he met his future wife, Vanessa Read, they met at an embezzlers anonymous meeting because Vanessa had a problem with embezzlement she.

And a famous "silent scene" follows: with bulging eyes, the burned embezzlers who were deceived by the petty crook with brilliant simplicity, stare.

A group of three bank embezzlers, So Yamamura, Eiji Funakoshi, and Sotoji Mukui (Fujio Harumoto) employ.

Columbia fell into the hands of the Railroad Ring, politically connected embezzlers who bilked the state out of its lien and mortgage on the rail line.

"Russian embezzlers went on "30m spending spree in UK, MPs told".

that "we must probably execute 10,000 to several tens of thousands of embezzlers nationwide before we can solve the problem.

To clear his name, Shinkichi the Lightning Boy eavesdrops on the two embezzlers at the Tanba clan mansion, but is detected and badly wounded.

fortunate merchants, while the corrupt and arrogant capitalist thieves and embezzlers of public funds would be done away with", whereas the government "would.


peculator; deceiver; cheat; stealer; thief; cheater; trickster; beguiler; defalcator; slicker;


undercharge; square shooter;

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