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faltered Meaning in Bengali

 ভয়ে পশ্চাত্পদ হত্তয়া, হোঁচট খাত্তয়া, তোতলান, আমতা অমতা করা,


তোতলান, হোঁচট খাত্তয়া, আমতা-অমতা করা, ভয়ে পশ্চাত্পদ হত্তয়া,

faltered's Usage Examples:

He was just and compassionate to his people and never faltered in his righteousness to them.

In 1121-23, the Song faltered in their military campaigns but the Jurchen Jin succeeded in driving the.

After the DTM faltered in late 1996, he set up his own business near the Nürburgring, focusing.

The book explains that nuclear power faltered when "public concerns about health, safety, and the environment superseded.

The school experienced a population decline as Hedrick's economy faltered; in its final year it had about 200 students and 40 employees.

Alliance following the unification of Germany in 1871, but the alliance again faltered by the 1880s over Austrian and Russian conflicts of interest over the dissolution.

They faltered in the promotion race, but qualified for the play-offs after five wins.

knack as "nack"), followed by Bessie Doig, 11, of Detroit in third, who faltered on "bacillus".

from 22 December 1885 until 25 February 1886, when Robertson's government faltered due to the destablishing influence of his old foe, Sir Henry Parkes.

The Padres yet again faltered, but achieved four consecutive winning seasons for the only time in franchise.

Their challenge faltered in the second game as Ireland beat them by the same scoreline in Belfast.

Despite the strong record, the Cubs faltered down the stretch and did not make the playoffs.

2015 at his home in Lowestoft after a period of depression as his career faltered.

When Donaldson's Government faltered a little over two months after it was formed, Cowper formed Government.

The organization faltered in 1896 and then was "resuscitated" in 1905.

Her form faltered over the next few years and she failed to get past the quarter-final stage.

approval and adequate funding lacking, the replacement dam project plans faltered.

Felix, however, was able to hold her form as Campbell-Brown faltered, crossing the line in 22.

As they were completing the final turn, Taylor faltered and started hitting hurdles while Javier Culson powered into the lead.


hesitate; waffle; waver;


precede; linger; ascend; recede;

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