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Construction was completed by the second half of 2018 and a familiarisation flight (Test Flight) from Mumbai Airport landed on 12 September 2018.

arranged by the International Cricket Council to Associate Nations for familiarisation of conditions in Australian and New Zealand.

to also volunteer in the 2014 Swimming Championships to help in the familiarisation of the new venue.

includes state-of-the-art computer facilities, research guidance and familiarisation with MOSDAC data.

also organises outdoor activities such as parachuting, rifle drill, familiarisation visits, hiking, night journeys, field training camp, and even flag.

important condition in the development of the rural surgery is the wide familiarisation doctors with these methods.

these were delivered to the Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm for trials and familiarisation.

He went through U-boat familiarisation in July 1940 in preparation for his own command.

A period of more intense training followed and familiarisation flights were carried out before moving to its operational base at Coomalie.

of the Fijian Navy, Captain Humphrey Tawake, was recently given a familiarisation tour of the Royal Australian Navy’s Diver Recompression chambers.

at Naval Air Station Point Mugu for a short period of training and familiarisation.

means at the Infantry School, where training commences with two weeks familiarisation training on the weapons found in a rifle platoon other than the R4.

Two days of driver familiarisation followed, with passenger operation commencing on the morning of 28.

Speculation has been rife that the terrain is used for military exercises of familiarisation.

Fabio Spiranelli was injured in a scooter crash during a track familiarisation run on Thursday prior to the race and withdrew from the event after.

(Confined Space Searches) ISA Advanced Powerboat Coxswain Firearms familiarisation ' safe handling Evidence handling ' recovery Garda Driving courses.


familiarization; experience;


enjoy; gladden; inexperience;

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