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offsider Meaning in Bengali

অবৈধভাবে নির্ধারিত লাইন বা এলাকা অথবা বল বা দুষ্টু ছেলে এগিয়ে পরলোক

offsider's Usage Examples:

Irish convict who became an Australian pioneer, overlander, explorer, and offsider of explorer Edward John Eyre.

Sometimes the bullocky had an “offsider” (a type of an apprentice) who walked on the offside (right) of the team.

unscrupulous and influential former MP, and Walters, his hard-drinking offsider.

Geoff Corke was Kennedy's offsider until 1959, when Bert Newton joined GTV-9 from HSV-7 to become Kennedy's.

mayor Percy, a pig and local detectives Sherlock Bones the rat and his offsider, Watson the cat.

perhaps cassiterite) and on 5 September 1883 persuaded David James and his offsider James Poole to help him peg out 40 acres (16 ha) and registered their claim.

in charge of the investigation Detective Sergeant Martin – Dalgliesh's offsider Mrs.

Subsequently, Graham became Reg Grundy's offsider on the radio version of "Wheel Of Fortune".

Fadden was a Queenslander who had begun his working life as a cane-cutters' offsider.

as minor official Kong Ching-ha as Mrs Yang Su Chen-ping as Kang Fu's offsider O Yau-man as Gold Leopard Au Lap-bo as waiter Wong Fei-lung as Kang Fu.

Dominic, (Gyton Grantley), is his new offsider.

on the sharpness of his wits", while Smith is his "dim-witted and naive offsider.

offsider's Meaning':

illegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck




onside; conception;

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