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oftenest Meaning in Bengali

সংক্ষিপ্ত অন্তর অনেকবার

oftenest's Usage Examples:

on the hindwing; the outermost line (distal shading of subterminal) the oftenest absent; all except the median are parallel with the distal margin, but.

It breeds oftenest in areas where the soil is clay.

twenty-four shillings value, to the owner of the dog that shall pin the bull oftenest and fairest, and seven shillings and six pence to the owner of the second.

and early 18th century type resembled their Tudor forerunners in being oftenest associations solely for conviviality or literary coteries.

The side which kicks it oftenest and furthest gains the game.

) Best known and oftenest printed of all his works is his Pitron Ḥalomot or Mefasher Ḥelmin (Solution.

The side which kicks it oftenest and furtherest gains the game.

or twilight" and then only on parts of the body which the female "would oftenest and best see them".

passions, weakness, error, prejudice, and still less to what operates oftenest and her ignorance of which qualified her less for a historian—to accident.

would account for why appealingly "natural" guesses are the ones that oftenest (or least seldom) succeed; to which Peirce added the argument that such.

a cabinet or wardrobe, as for utensils or apparel; in the latter case oftenest built-in; hence e.

would prove a blessing? Several persons have given freedom to their slaves-oftenest I think to a female.

Katarina Čkorjanc–Vesel (or Katarina Čkorjanc-Vesel, or, as it is oftenest, Katarina Čkorjanc Vesel) Josip Broz–Tito Karel Veliki (Charles the Great).

park, memorial park (a cemetery) (sports) enclosed ground for ball games, oftenest the baseball park a level valley among the mountains (as the Rocky Mountains);.

quantity which has the largest proportion of water, so that companion will be oftenest welcome, whose talk flows out with inoffensive copiousness, and unenvied.

oftenest's Meaning':

many times at short intervals

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