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differences in their digestive systems, including salivary glands, rumen size, and rumen papillae.

amounts of grain, especially when the rumen population is poorly adapted to deal with grain.

Activity of various rumen organisms results in accumulation of.

The rumen, also known as a paunch, is the largest stomach compartment in ruminants and the larger part of the reticulorumen, which is the first chamber.

The rumen of the water buffalo differs from the rumen of other ruminants.

The main ingredient is the partially digested grass from the rumen of a ruminant, typically a deer, goat, cow or water buffalo.

recognised as fungi by Orpin in 1975, based on motile cells present in the rumen of sheep.

reticulorumen along with the rumen.

The rumen is located at the base of the.

This in turn is associated with rumen acidosis, where the rumen pH can fall to 5 or lower.

techniques for the culturing of anaerobic microbes in his study of the bovine rumen.


tum; ruminant; breadbasket; first stomach; tummy; stomach;


odd-toed ungulate; disinclination; forbid; disallow;

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