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sideburns Meaning in Bengali

 ঝুলপি, ছোটখাট গোঁফ, গালপাট্টা,

sideburns শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

পায়জামা চোগাচাপকান পিরান, মাথায় টুপি, মুখে ঘন লম্বা দাড়ি, দীর্ঘ গোঁফ ও গালপাট্টা ঝুলফি, বড়-বড় টানা চোখ, একহাতে অস্ত্র এবং অন্যহাতে ঘোড়ার লাগাম; বুটজুতো ।

sideburns's Usage Examples:

(Hebrew: פֵּאָה‎, plural: פֵּאוֹת) is the Hebrew term for sidelocks or sideburns.

slightly longer sideburns are worn than are appropriate for a style, it can shorten the appearance of the face; when slightly shorter sideburns are worn than.

Men may style their facial hair into beards, moustaches, goatees or sideburns; many others completely shave their facial hair and this is referred to.

Amos became known for this bushy sideburns and catchphrase "Nay, Mr Wilks".

available areas of the face and neck, including the moustache, chin, sideburns, and cheeks.

Army’s regulation governing the length of sideburns in male soldiers.

His distinctive style of facial hair became known as sideburns, derived from his last name.

Crew cut: top, short; back/sides, semi-short taper; sideburns, short; short pomp (pompadour) front, flattened; mid top, flattened; crown.

The sideburns of the 1960s and 1970s saw a massive decline in fashion in late 1970s.

The hair is grown full and long over the jaw and chin, meeting with the sideburns while the hair above the mouth is shaved.

nicknamed "Ginger Wolverine" by his Packers teammates for his long red sideburns.

sideburns or a neat full beard of a natural colour.

Long sideburns and 'mutton chops' are not specifically banned.


side-whiskers; facial hair; mutton chop; burnside;

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