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sidled Meaning in Bengali


কাতিয়ে যাওয়া,

sidled's Usage Examples:

items-drawers, (v) specialized equipments-cupboard, slow turnover, (vi) chemicals-sidled containers.

Furthermore, she wrote, "if you can't find something you like, either sidled up to the bar chatting up the bartenders, in the back watching a burlesque.

Dead bassist Phil Lesh explained "One by one we sidled into the studio, saying things like 'Bob, I really like that tune – got.

sole distinction of The Flame, a rambling, inept bit of claptrap which sidled into the Gotham yesterday, is the bleakly amusing fact that most of the.

utgångspunkt i stridsvagnen Char B, visade att riktning av vagnspjäsen i sidled kunde göras hydrostatiskt med hjälp av bandrörelser – överlagringsstyrning.

For instance, on 8 September 1951, Crash Rescue Boat R-1-676 sidled up to the sandbar blocking the mouth of the Taedong River near Nampo to.

deal and a founding member of the Professional Bull Riders tour, which sidled onto Long Island for a two-day hitch at Nassau Coliseum last weekend.

After service as Ambassador in Egypt and Italy, he sidled, quietly and unobserved, out of all of our lives.

very much soon after the curtain rose and this fetching little Edith Adams sidled up to this big hunk, Peter Palmer, and said, shyly, 'Abner, I brought you.

sentences were announced, IWW leader Bill Haywood reported that, “Ben Fletcher sidled over to me and said: ‘The Judge has been using very ungrammatical language.

THE LITTLE BEARS (1987) Red-clad people sidled round and round outside the café, then walked into the café, sat down with.

current President Barack Obama, who added "Letterman is retiring!" Letterman sidled up to Obama afterwards and quipped, "You're just kidding, right?" Letterman's.

cutters carrying a party of twenty men armed with pistols and cutlasses sidled up to Trent.




recede; rise; stand still;

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