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sidling Meaning in Bengali


কাতিয়ে যাওয়া,

sidling's Usage Examples:

uses this ability to steal half the credit for her accomplishments by sidling behind her whenever she presents her work.

nape-pecking, post-copulatory tumbling, upright sleeked posturing and branch-sidling.

'pissardii' and Prunus 'pissardii nigra' are cases of named cultivars sidling their way into being given binomial-style names "The Plant List: A Working.

opening of the Station at Quoiba in 1956, previously Quoiba was just a sidling from 1942.

simplistic, writing that enemies could be "easily dispatched by simply sidling up to them and holding down the fire button," sending the player into a.

"Klink's narrow military view," Ueberschär writes, "also enticed him into sidling up to the long disproved Nazi claim that this was a preventive war".

Halting and sidling—after nipping, the female will halt, whereupon the male will swim forward.

other and are then withdrawn repeatedly and there is biting, lunging and sidling.

lovers, losers and wanderers, delivered with a bopster's inflection and the sidling sensuality of a carhop.

An accident while sidling the Broken Axe Pinnacles prevented the group getting to Mt Holdsworth in.

recognised from afar along an 'ambulacrum' or corridor by his habit of sidling sheepishly along the wall with the collar of his coat turned up.


sashay; move;


recede; rise; stand still;

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