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stepchild Meaning in Bengali

 সপত্নীপুত্র বা কন্যা

সাবেক বিয়ের মধ্য আপনার স্ত্রী সন্তান


আছে stepchild,

stepchild's Usage Examples:

A stepchild or, informally, stepkid is the offspring of one's spouse, but not one's own offspring, neither biological nor through adoption.

His brother or sister of the whole or half-blood or by adoption; or His stepchild or stepparent, while the marriage creating the relationship exists; or.

In such cases, the parents may stop using the terms "stepparent" and "stepchild" and instead refer to the child simply as their son or daughter; depending.

(so-called stepchild adoption).

Single people regardless of sexual orientation are allowed to adopt in Liechtenstein, but neither stepchild or joint adoptions.

In late 2018 San Marino parliament voted to legalise civil unions with stepchild adoption rights.

On June 22, 2016, the possibility of stepchild adoption by LGBT couples was confirmed by the Court of Cassation in a.

"Gay, Cassazione: sì alla stepchild adoption per il secondo genitore" [Gay, Cassation: yes to stepchild adoption for the second parent] (in.

However, the Act does provide couples with an institution similar to stepchild adoption called partner-guardianship.

ADOPTION OF MINOR STEPCHILD BY STEPPARENT § 4-101 Other provisions applicable to adoption of stepchild § 4-102 Standing to adopt minor stepchild § 4-103 Legal.

was open to the idea of same-sex parenting and may bring the issue of stepchild adoption to a fourth proposal.

(in Italian)"Cassazione, via libera alla stepchild adoption in casi particolari".

 1976; his death 2000)​ Children John, Jane, Watkins (stepchild), Thomas (stepchild), Carl (stepchild) Education Lawrenceville School Princeton University.

Same-sex couples have also been granted joint and stepchild adoption rights since 2009 and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

He has one stepchild Michael.

He married twice and had two children and a stepchild.

stepchild's Meaning':

a child of your spouse by a former marriage


stepson; kid; child; stepdaughter;


parent; adult; female offspring; male offspring; ancestor;

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