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stepsons শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

(১৯৯৫–বর্তমান) সন্তান আলেক্সানড্রা কেরি ভেনেসা কেরি জন (সতছেলে) আন্ড্রে হেইনজ(সতছেলে) ক্রিসটোফার হেইনজ (সতছেলে) প্রাক্তন শিক্ষার্থী ইয়েল বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় বস্টন ।

সালমান খান, সোহেল খান এবং আরবাজ খান হলেন তার সম-সন্তান বা সতছেলে

stepsons's Usage Examples:

When the time came for him to divide his kingdom between his two stepsons ' his own son, he tricked the other two ' made Rajasinghe II (his own son).

However, through her marriage to the pharaoh, Ladice had two stepsons as Amasis had two sons, a child each from his first and third wives.

He was deposed and forced to become a monk by his stepsons, and died later.

for the title—as Joseph's sons by a previous marriage, and hence Mary's stepsons, leaving their marriage unconsummated—hence her pushing Joseph away—and.

He is one of the two stepsons of C.

He has one son, three stepsons, and nine grandchildren.

He was survived by his wife, four children, a sister, three stepsons, and four grandchildren.

Pandu died early and Madri immolated herself, so Kunti adopted her stepsons and took her children to Hastinapura, the capital of Kuru.

Euphrosyne wanted to poison her two stepsons so that her own sons could inherit Casimir's lands.

He has one daughter, one son and two stepsons.

Cluverius V, daughter Charlotte, and two stepsons.

David Wallace, the sixth governor of Indiana; Lew Wallace, one of her stepsons, became an American Civil War general and author.

He has two sons, Oliver and Rob, and three stepsons, Jamie, Toby and Dominic.

Sedgwick (1812–1868) were his stepsons.

Pogue died in 2014, aged 84, and was survived by three children, four stepsons, and his third wife.





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