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sugarcoated Meaning in Bengali

sugarcoated's Usage Examples:

in an article "How Stories For Children Should Not Be" saw it as a "sugarcoated" presentation of revolution.

to his 2004 retrospective his "documentary-style vision was neither sugarcoated, nor abject, nor controllingly omniscient".

does not even mention Norman Petty, and The Glenn Miller Story is a sugarcoated version of his life.

Roger Ebert opined that the film was unrealistic and sugarcoated the grim realities facing homeless teenagers.

"nice-then-naughty approach" and a vindictive streak that belies the sugarcoated sounds around it, while she revels in being the one that got away from.

Everyone in town knows about Leonard's malassadas, sugarcoated balls of fried dough, Portuguese in origin, that have become a Hawaiian.




vinegarish; acetose; vinegary; acerb; sour;

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