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A hematoma, also spelled haematoma, or blood suffusion is a localized bleeding outside of blood vessels, due to either disease or trauma including injury.

Conjunctival suffusion is an eye finding occurring early in leptospirosis, which is caused by Leptospira interrogans.

Conjunctival suffusion is characterized.

The red-suffusion rose-faced lovebird (Agapornis roseicollis), also known as the red-pied lovebird, is not a true colour mutation of lovebird species.

This term contrasts with suffusio nigra which means, in Latin, suffusion dark, indicating partial or complete blindness with a dark pupil, e.

than in advena, more bluish grey, sometimes blue green, without dark suffusion except in median area ; stigmata as in advena, the orbicular pale and.

Central Asia, has pale yellow forewings; cinnamomea Fuchs has much grey suffusion, the area beyond outer line has darker brown; specimens from Amasia, though.

The male has some bluish suffusion at the base of its upper wings but is mostly dark brown like the female.

wild-type Light Green to yellow, with a variable amount of light green suffusion.

The suffusion is deepest on the rump and around the vent.

brown; an ochreous- whitish costal streak, edged below with dark fuscous suffusion.

and terminal dots near apex white, black-margined ; a blackish discal suffusion beyond middle.

buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula) and are dark grey with paler stripes and orange suffusion.

irrorated (sprinkled) with dark fuscous and with a small spot of dark fuscous suffusion on the base of the costa.

spot hardly darker, marked with a few fuscous dots ; a brown terminal suffusion, more or less strongly dilated towards middle;cilia fuscous.

dorsum, and transverse mark in disc at 2/3 each preceded by a whitish suffusion.

Soils susceptible to suffusion are termed internally unstable.

The forewings are lustrous pale buff with whitish suffusion.

oblique shining silvery fascia beyond middle, preceded by a brownish-purple suffusion, apical area beyond this dark purple-fuscous.

forewings is yellowish underlying a reticulated darker pattern and a greyish suffusion across the disc.

In many cases the rump is fainty, light brown, and a whitish suffusion on the medio-ventral parts of the body.

more or less developed very large triangular often pale-centred dorsal suffusion, and the terminal streak are all deep ferruginous.


permeation; ammonification; pervasion; diffusion; impregnation; carbonation; saturation;


concentration; self-fertilization; cross-fertilization; achromatic color;

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