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crayoned Meaning in Bengali


রঙ্গিন খড়ি,

crayoned's Usage Examples:

Constitution in tatters and full of crayoned redactions, a scale balancing church and state leaning wholly towards "church".

1761 and 1773, he was a frequent contributor of paintings, and tinted and crayoned drawings to the exhibitions of the Free Society of Artists; in these works.

Jacob the Elder, Hörgertshausen, crayoned by Christian Winck and varnished by Roman Anton Boos in 1790/1791 Parish.

Willems proves once more that crayoned ornithology and impassioned monologues to the reader — picture, if you.

her embellishments seem to insist; the fierce, rebellious energy of a crayoned wall or a graffiti-tagged billboard, a sort of Pink Panther mark on a Black.

various venues in California, and were sometimes advertised with colorful crayoned signs asking "Can you pass the acid test?" The first Acid Test was held.


writing implement; wax crayon;


repel; abduct; adduct;

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