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creaking Meaning in Bengali

 কড়্কড়্ শব্দ করা, ক্যাঁচ্ক্যাঁচ্ শব্দ করা,

creaking's Usage Examples:

Common symptoms of hauntings, like cold spots and creaking or knocking sounds, can be found in most homes regardless of suspected.

needed] The program's familiar and famed audio trademark was the eerie creaking door which opened and closed the broadcasts.

This is generally true, however the creaking can be eliminated by greasing the bearing.

signified by a soundscape that may feature explosions, the ping of sonar, the creaking of the submarine's hull under extreme pressure, the alarm ordering the.

Stridor (Latin for "creaking or grating noise") is a high-pitched extra-thoracic breath sound resulting from turbulent air flow in the larynx or lower.

Neck creaking or cracking of the neck is a clicking sound caused by movements of the neck.

The "creaking bureaucracy" also includes the inept behaviour of his herald, who is far.

The call is a loud and distinctive creaking noise.

Creak(s) or creaking may refer to: Vocal fry register, a type of human voice register Neck creaking Mount Creak, a peak in Antarctica Mildred Creak (1898–1993).

wrecking ball can make match-sticks out of the rickety staircase and crookt/creaking floorboards---but they can't erase the recording that was made here.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater opened and closed with the ominous sound of a creaking door.

chair makes a controllable creaking sound.

A water-soaked rusty hinge when placed against different surfaces makes a creaking sound.

It is also known as the creaking frog or the creaking nursery frog due to its singular call.

Galaxy reviewer Groff Conklin described the stories as "three creaking classics .


noise; creak;


comprehensibility; regularity;

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