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creaked Meaning in Bengali

 কড়্কড়্ শব্দ করা, ক্যাঁচ্ক্যাঁচ্ শব্দ করা,


ক্যাঁচ্ক্যাঁচ্ শব্দ করা, কড়্কড়্ শব্দ করা,

creaked's Usage Examples:

The gate of the garden creaked And a footstep grazed the sand.



train appeared to crawl over the rickerty structure, which swayed and creaked as if it was going to collapse every minute and let the train.

non-Cornish miners, who worked deep in the earth where the noisy support timbers creaked and groaned, came to believe in the Tommyknockers.

" The Bulletin said the play "creaked in almost every joint.

Cracks appeared in several walls of the decades-old building, the doors creaked.

On stormy days, it swayed and creaked, reminding people of washing-boats on the Seine River, hence the name.

The great Tamil work Silappathikaram says that in Puhar ships creaked with wealth from all 7 continents, that the Devas in guise of humans came.

The boys feared "the groaning of the dying, and when the stairs creaked, we knew why - they were bearing out the dead".

contest began, Duan's boxing master started to sweat all over and his chair creaked as if it were going to fall apart; Yang however looked as composed and.

could not satisfactorily convey the requisite spookiness: it clanked and creaked, and had to be moved about by complicated pulley systems or elevators.

Popular reported the earthquake and its effects: The houses' woodwork creaked loudly, lamps swung, furniture moved and paintings fell off walls.

his usual masterly prose: “It had begun to blow outside, and the house creaked gently, like a hull when the wind takes up the sail.

"Floors no longer merely creaked; they swayed.


make noise; noise; screak; screech; whine; skreak; squeak; resound;



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