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deftly শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

সারা দেহ ঢাকা থাকত, সেই চাদরে কেবল দেখার জন্য দুটি ছিদ্র থাকত, যেদুটি কুশলতাসহকারে জায়গামত করা হত ।

deftly's Usage Examples:

Sahibdin's paintings deftly combine elements of the "popular Mughal" style then in vogue across northern.

techniques": The group of figures at the left side of the print, for example, is deftly indicated with a minimum of lightly bitten lines; in contrast, the evocative.

it, saying "not since 'Little Shop of Horrors' has a screamfest tuner so deftly balanced seriousness and camp.

journal Option favored Jihad over Automaton's previous release, saying it "deftly balances the cool, ambient sheen of Tetsu Inoue's electronics with the warm.

Street, Hutchesontown has one of Glasgow's original Carnegie libraries, deftly designed by the Inverness-born architect James Robert Rhind.

lots of bloody fighting and international intrigues, all carried out by deftly directed larger-than-life cardboard characters, will surely please Smith's.

Inspired by the legendary Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso, Lovano deftly, yet directly, applies orchestral melodies and figures in different manners.

Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was able to deftly manage the crisis by providing banks across the Northeast with hundreds.

also attracted the jealousy of their older half-brother, Antipater II, who deftly incited the aging king's anger with rumors of his favored sons' disloyalty.

" William Peden, on the other hand, called the story "deftly narrated nonsense .

placed before the reader with impeccable fairness, the red herrings are deftly laid and the solution will cause many readers to kick themselves.

work of the big progressive Dutch producers for this Amsterdam outing, deftly proving his range and versatility as a main room DJ and keeping the GU series.

magazine critic Peter Margasak said they are "a scrappy improvising trio" who "deftly" revisit many of Frith's musical endeavors in "a gritty, unified attack".

His covers were described by Nagata as "deftly illustrat[ing] the mood, the feeling of the book".

force opposite them, the Russian commander, Field Marshal Pyotr Rumyantsev, deftly arranged his far smaller army in solid infantry squares and surprisingly.

formation of Hudson's Bay Company, and charter of Rupert's Land to it in 1670, deftly switching country allegiances several times France-England-France-England.

intoxicatingly endearing, as are the electronic beats and textures she uses as deftly as she does a ukulele or acoustic guitar.

The work has been cited by literary critics as deftly capturing the bleak nihilism of the Weimar period.

and perhaps even computationally indeterminate, solution sets are handled deftly.

traps in an attempt to swindle a victory from a lost game, although Śliwa deftly avoided the traps and won.


dextrously; dexterously;

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