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dehumanising's Usage Examples:

[by whom? – Discuss] Woyzeck deals with the dehumanising effects of doctors and the military on a young man's life.

and Lupron as autism treatments, which Fitzpatrick has criticized as "dehumanising and dangerous.

covers the Nazi occupation of Poland and the atrocities of systematically dehumanising and eliminating the Jewish people of Poland.

"Myanmar keeping Rohingyas 'in dehumanising system of apartheid', Amnesty says".

of the military culture which the sergeant personified with his macho dehumanising language.

The series focuses mainly on the dehumanising effects of war and its attendant bureaucracy.

extended metaphor, with the idea of the nine-to-five itself, with its dehumanising routine and repetition, as the real culprit of society's malaise.

of the New Weird fantasy subgenre, and an effective metaphor for the dehumanising effects of occupying forces and totalitarian regimes.

intentional transmission and assigns blame Refrain from using criminalising or dehumanising terminology in a way that might create impression that those with the.

expressed concerns over the inauguration of the park and its display of "dehumanising scenes".

responsibility, disregarding or misrepresenting injurious consequences, and dehumanising the victim.

manufacturer of helicopters Nourishing Herbal Infusion No humans involved, a dehumanising police term for crimes committed against those with criminal records.

month was introduced in order not to "let residents slide back into the dehumanising levels of poverty that they experienced before".

works represent, among other things, an extended reflection upon the dehumanising effects of modernity and industrialisation.

pages of Palestinian textbooks, none of which consisted of "general dehumanising characterisations of personal traits of Jews or Israelis".

By refusing to play the dehumanising prison game anymore the guards have lost their threat of psychological.

that does not legitimise gratuitous emphasis on dehumanising racial stereotypes and fear-mongering and, of course, the need for accuracy.

sympathy for the scavengers but also in the belief that scavenging is a dehumanising practice that would ultimately have a destructive impact on modern Indian.


mechanize; dehumanize; mechanise;


raise; ascend; rise; better;

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