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dehumanises Meaning in Bengali

dehumanises's Usage Examples:

People often say that machines enslave man and that technology dehumanises society, but they are wrong! It is the manufacturer that enslaves man.

It dehumanises those human beings of whom the statement speak".

"Critics say new play that uses a puppet to portray an autistic boy 'dehumanises' those with the condition".

"NRC is anti-poor and dehumanises an out-group, say former IAS officers".

protest as being in response to "the rise of far-right politics that dehumanises people in order to get into power", and saw it as an attempt to introduce.

Conrad as "a bloody racist", Achebe asserted that Conrad's famous novel dehumanises Africans, rendering Africa as "a metaphysical battlefield devoid of all.

commented on "The Applicant" treating marriage as a social construct that dehumanises those within the marriage, as they lose who they were as an individual.


mechanize; dehumanize; mechanise;


raise; ascend; rise; better;

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