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falsities Meaning in Bengali

falsities's Usage Examples:

toward his harmonious whole,  Rejecting intermediate parts,  Horrors and falsities and wrongs;  Incapable master of all force,  Too vague idealist, overwhelmed.

useless for the vulgar to know; and many falsities which it is fit the people should not suppose are falsities.

populations of Alberta, in hopes of dispelling misunderstandings, myths and falsities that originate from a lack of awareness.

well as study how other academics have contributed to countering the falsities about Native American History.

publication in an October 2014 issue, the story was found to have several falsities, and was not faithful to what was allegedly discussed with the publication's.

were refuted by Kapterev, who pointed out many errors and deliberate falsities in Subbotin's argumentation.

his booke, in every page of it, A discouerie of many fowle absurdities, falsities, lyes, 'c.

and Sara Moore House—contained numerous falsities; among the allegations were that it featured a fake newspaper reproduction.

In the controversial parts, and especially in the attack on the "falsities" of Matthew Sutcliffe, Walsingham perhaps worked with Parsons.

Louis Émond's novels encourage the reader to avoid being duped by the falsities of the narration.

break away from the frames imposed by established word patterns and the falsities implied by a world view which categorizes experience, storytelling it.

Ésquilo, Portugal, 2006 (ISBN 978-9728605865) Unraveling riddles and falsities of Christopher Columbus.

of idle pursuit and proven fictions, Amadis and Lancelot and invented falsities, In which I wasted long hours of my time.

candidate for leadership Jevgeni Krištafovitš on 24 March 2017 for "spreading falsities and slandering the party".

oneself and others with apparent paradoxes, and even to fall into obvious falsities.

she has once stated, “and function of literature is to strip away the falsities and superfluous concerns beclouding the true essence of human life, thereby.


deception; fabrication; fable; untruth; deceit; statement; falsehood; misrepresentation; fiction; dodging; dodge; scheme; contradiction; prevarication; lie; contradiction in terms;


stand; arise; front; back; truth;

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