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for long and soon government control passed on to the AP even as the rumblings of the 1980 military coup were beginning to be felt.

Today as in ancient times, rumblings of the Arkaroo can be heard in the mountains, which are scientifically.

The only reported activity of Lawu took place in 1885, when rumblings and light volcanic ash falls were reported.

WGSU rode the first rumblings of the new wave in the mid 1970s, featuring musicians like Talking Heads.

In response to the rumblings, Mexican troops established military posts in several locations within.

The play explores the socio-economic rumblings of this ethnic melting pot, including the ongoing French/English question.

did not achieve the same viewing figures as the first; and following rumblings of the possible return of Jonathan Creek, Davies quit the role and a third.

There are now rumblings going on at press time that former FXFL commissioner Brain Woods is considering.


grumble; noise; grumbling; rumbling;


surrender; defend; make peace; nonoperational; cheer;

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