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siblings Meaning in Bengali


একই পিতা বা মাতার সন্তান,

siblings's Usage Examples:

taboo to relatives with no consanguinity such as milk-siblings, step-siblings, and adoptive siblings, albeit sometimes with less intensity.

siblings, it is an only child.

While some circumstances can cause siblings to be raised separately (such as foster care) most societies have siblings.

Those who hold this belief reject the claim that Jesus had biological siblings and maintain these brothers and sisters received this designation because.

is a direct descendant of a parent of the other; this category includes siblings as well as an uncle or aunt with a niece or nephew.

Reunion, introducing the two unknown siblings, identified in the special as Molly and Rover.

Snoopy having seven siblings was an element of the strip that.

Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries, centers on three of the Mikaelson siblings: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt).

The children heavily featured in the films are the Pevensie siblings, and a prominent antagonist is the White Witch (also known as Queen Jadis).

his children to work fighting crime, Reginald keeps Vanya apart from her siblings' activities, as she supposedly demonstrates no powers of her own.

descended from half siblings and would share one grandparent.

The children of two half siblings are first half cousins.

If half siblings have children with.

is a person with no siblings, by birth or adopted.

Children who have half-siblings, step-siblings, or have never met their siblings, either living at the.

The plot alternates between two timelines, following five adult siblings whose paranormal experiences at Hill House continue to haunt them in the.


quint; family unit; sib; twin; half blood; quad; family; triplet; relative; quin; relation; quadruplet; quintuplet;


absolute; connectedness; unconnectedness; ancestor; descendant;

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