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sickbay Meaning in Bengali

 জাহাজের হাসপাতান,


অসুস্থ পাতা,

sickbay's Usage Examples:

It has medical facilities at a sickbay, LCA auditorium and community hall for movie and general activities, a.

Emergency Medical Hologram built into almost every newer Starfleet ship's sickbay.

that nobody is aboard, B'Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) soon arrives in sickbay.

With this episode, Shankar sought to move the Doctor out of sickbay, and while he was looking generally to involve Vikings on the holodeck.

questioning, Sarek suffers a cardiovascular event, and is rushed to the sickbay, where Chief Medical Officer McCoy determines that he requires immediate.

Meanwhile, in the sickbay, a feverish Jamie begins to rant about a "Phantom Piper", a figure said.

In sickbay, Saul Tigh and Caprica-Six watch their baby on an ultrasound medical imaging.

The two soon die in the Enterprise sickbay.

He has an interest in natural remedies, and his sickbay contains an interplanetary zoo of animals, some of them as food for other.

Sim, having now 'met' himself in sickbay, reveals knowledge of an experimental procedure that might allow for a.

Lazarus has another dimensional corridor episode and is returned to sickbay.

Kirk arrives in sickbay to find Crater dead and Spock injured; Spock's Vulcan blood made him incompatible.

she was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade in 2370 and became a senior sickbay staff member as Head Nurse.


room; sick berth;

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