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sickbed Meaning in Bengali

 রোগীর শয্যা, রোগশয্যা,


রোগশয্যা, রোগীর শয্যা,

sickbed's Usage Examples:

behaviour and tells his three sons to kill Conall as he sleeps in his sickbed.

Dieterman-Schuur died after a long sickbed on 28 August 2015, aged 83.

something which he would later joke forced his mother to take to her sickbed.

and wet campaign, he maintained telephone contact with his army from his sickbed in Skoplje.

He finished the memoir Bingta yiyan (病榻遺言) [The last words left on my sickbed] in his later years.

match-winning 83 in one match of the series after being called from the sickbed while he had a fever by his captain, Douglas Jardine.

Later, while on her sickbed, she wrote a novel with 11 volumes.

He died on 24 July 2009 at the age of 78 after a long and harsh sickbed.

"Rogashojyay" or "Rogashajyaya", (Bengali: রোগশয্যায়; English: "From the sickbed") is a Bengali language poetry book written by Rabindranath Tagore.

After a long sickbed, she died on 7 March 1983 in Enschede, aged 54.

As part of the anti-Nazi Boycott of 1933, Rabbi Margolies rose from his sickbed to address the overflow crowd at Madison Square Garden on March 27, 1933.

" He tried for a time to direct the reconstruction from his sickbed.

exposing her to superstitious medical treatments and letting no one in to the sickbed of the Princess except Maria Horn, neither the överhovmästarinna Märta.

in the 1930s; he reportedly cheered the side's 1936 FA Cup win from his sickbed, while listening to the radio commentary.

only at the end of August, only after it had been sent by DHL to Foster's sickbed for corrections.

unto his people his worde", whereupon Hall found himself lifted from his sickbed and taken on a two-day visit to Heaven and Hell.




natural object; natural elevation;

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