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A sidekick is a slang expression for a close companion or colleague (not necessarily in fiction) who is, or is generally regarded as, subordinate to the.

in 1993 and ended in early 2009, which also helped his transition from sidekick to a superhero in his own right.

Vijayam Srinivas Ninne Istapaddanu Bangaru Babu Oka Raju Oka Rani Mahesh's sidekick Vasantham Ramesh Kalyana Ramudu Chari Dongodu Justice Chowdhary Simhachalam.

Stuff, the Chinatown Kid is a DC Comics fictional character, a sidekick to the original Vigilante.

character headlined his own comic, Star Spangled Comics, which introduced his sidekick, Stripesy.

John as his sidekick "Fuzzy" Jones and Carleton Young as Jeff Travis, with Louise Currie and.

He appears as the sidekick for Conan O'Brien on each of the host's programs: Late Night, The Tonight.

importantly, the Warners directors, who recast him in numerous everyman and sidekick roles.

He is the comic relief sidekick to the superhero Plastic Man, and first appeared in Police Comics #13 (November.

Incredible and Frozone from the feature, plus a "cute animal" rabbit sidekick named Mister Skipperdoo, chasing and capturing the supervillain Lady Lightbug.

not initially having a sidekick, comedian and voice actor Josh Robert Thompson joined the show on April 5, 2010 and voiced sidekick Geoff Peterson, an animatronic.

Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series, and the title character's best friend, sidekick, and most recurring ally.


brother; pal; friend; cobber; crony; buddy; chum;


nonmember; female sibling; sister; foe; stranger;

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