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 সীমারেখা বহির্ভুত অংশ,

sidelines's Usage Examples:

The "sidelines" are the white or colored lines which mark the outer boundaries of a sports field, running parallel to each other and perpendicular to.

Unlike most position coaches in football, who are usually on the sidelines during games, offensive coordinators have the option of operating from.

March 10, 1961) is an American sportscaster known for her work on the sidelines for various National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football.

safety and cornerback usually involve pass coverage towards the middle and sidelines of the field, respectively.

They must be wary however of not crossing the touchline, or sidelines, and going out of play.

offense, it gets its name from the player being split out "wide" (near the sidelines), farthest away from the rest of the offensive formation.

The longer lines are the sidelines and the shorter lines are called end lines.

NFL rules call for the sidelines and end lines to be 6 feet (1.

sports, a hash mark or hash line is a short line perpendicular to the sidelines or sideboards, that is used to mark locations and help visually gauge.

Taylor Zarzour (play-by-play), Matt Stinchcomb (color) and Alyssa Lang (sidelines) Missouri at Tennessee at Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, TN Date: October.

given triangle describe the relative directed distances from the three sidelines of the triangle.

another state to deter or fight an aggressor state while it remains on the sidelines.

the Andrew White Student Center, has fully retractable seating on both sidelines of the arena to create a full sized ballroom.

441 Game weather: 84°, Clear Referee: Ken Williamson TV announcers (SECRN): Bob Rathbun (play-by-play), Tim Couch (color), Jenn Hildreth (sidelines).

(also called the inbound lines) set at 40 feet apart (20 yards from the sidelines); the next season, they were brought in to 181⁄2 feet, the width of the.

bench, however, Dave Humphrey, a Toronto fan who was standing on the sidelines in front of the Winnipeg bench, put his foot out and tripped Bawel.

the pre-game and halftime periods (and, in a number of cases, on the sidelines) of football and basketball games.


speleology; by-line; pastime; spare-time activity; avocation; hobby; spelaeology; pursuit; interest;


interesting; powerlessness; uninteresting; uninterestingness; bore;

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