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sidestepped's Usage Examples:

officers can either be commissioned directly into the JAG Branch or can be sidestepped from other branches, arms or corps.

hypodermic syringes to inject medications; the needleless hypospray sidestepped this issue.

He collected the ball, sidestepped round Zinzan Brooke's cover tackle and scored in the corner.

His two tries against the Chiefs, when he sidestepped veteran All Black Walter Little with ease, highlighted his potential.

As Richards stopped and sidestepped, she lost several metres and the chance at silver.

Cabral to have to make an extra barrier jump over his body while Bayer sidestepped the fall but was losing ground chasing Bor.

It was sidestepped by Egypt and the Arab League with the formation of the All-Palestine.

Four minutes later, Figurs took Joe Radigan's punt up the middle, sidestepped Radigan and scored Kansas State's seventh special-teams touchdown of.

marriage of Robert II to Elizabeth Mure, and the 1373 Act which only sidestepped this question for heirs male of Robert II's sons, William Graham's ancestors.

The Montana Supreme Court sidestepped the question of if medical aid in dying is guaranteed under Montana State.

Nazarenko was slated to become artistic director of the chorus, but was sidestepped when the choice fell to Danylo Pika because of his membership in the.

Triple H simply sidestepped the charge and eliminated Flair from the match.

Due to their text-only nature, they sidestepped the problem of writing for widely divergent graphics architectures.

Max Schmeling shrewdly dodged him, the best of the Englishmen too, sidestepped the squatty brown man who carried lighting bolts in both fists.

perhaps supervised and certainly approved the work, and the issue is sidestepped in the literature by using terminology such as "commonly attributed to.

For example, it would have effectively sidestepped the common university practice of holding so-called "Title IX hearings".

Richard's deposer Henry VII freely sidestepped these statutes in imposing a benevolence in 1491.

I just sidestepped at the end of the game, right in the 80th minute, and it just went.


hedge; parry; quibble; duck; put off; beg; circumvent; elude; dodge; avoid; fudge; skirt; evade;


lend oneself; stand still; truth; consume; confront;

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