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sidestep's Usage Examples:

indicative of a sidestep maneuver that would have been familiar to American pilots.

There was no published visual representation of the sidestep approach available.

3, allowing such stations to sidestep the restriction on translators, as well as regulations regarding the excessive.

His flair and range of tricks, including his famous sidestep and swerve, meant he was a firm favourite with crowds.

custom—the custom of "all but automatic approval of senatorial colleagues"—to sidestep Hill's opposition by nominating sitting U.

The parkway required a special act of Congress to sidestep design standards for the Interstate highway system because it is only one.

Most of the material was written in Madrid, where Bejar went to sidestep a tour with The New Pornographers, following the critical success of that.

Stross' Singularity Sky), or sidestep the problem in an alternate space: hyperspace.

Whitlock performed Wright's renowned sidestep dance across the stage, causing much laughter on stage and in the crowd.

games to boast polygonal characters in a 3D environment, and features a sidestep maneuver which is credited for taking the genre into "true 3D.

He was devastating when he had the ball to hand and could sidestep or outpace a defender with equal facility.

it describes itself as existing to "cover stories the mainstream media sidestep and provide alternative perspectives on today's global critical issues.

Overwolf extensions sidestep this concern, since they do not interact with the game engine; they operate.

the same strictures as the pharmaceutical industry and not be allowed to sidestep regulation by calling its medicaments 'food supplements'.

introduction of the Tamarack Resort in 2004, the name was officially changed to sidestep the negative marketing connotations of "reservoir.

North Carolina sought to sidestep the issue by removing any mention of segregation from state statutes, devolving.


hedge; parry; quibble; duck; put off; beg; circumvent; elude; dodge; avoid; fudge; skirt; evade;


lend oneself; stand still; truth; consume; confront;

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