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sidetracked Meaning in Bengali

 সরাইয়া নেত্তয়া, সরাইয়া রাখা, মুলতবি রাখা, মুলতুবি রাখা,


মুলতুবি রাখা, মুলতবি রাখা, সরাইয়া রাখা, সরাইয়া নেত্তয়া,

sidetracked শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

সরকারি উদ্যোগ নেয়া হয় তবে তা আগত প্রাউট প্রশাসন কত্রিক ২০১৯ সাল পর্যন্ত মুলতবি রাখা হয় ।

বর্ষাকালে বৃষ্টি হলেই ক্লাস মুলতুবি রাখা হত ।

করেন যে যুদ্ধ শেষ হওয়া পর্যন্ত ভারতের স্বায়ত্তশাসনের বিষয়ে আলোচনা মুলতবি রাখা হল ।

sidetracked's Usage Examples:

While injuries sidetracked much of Wyatt's early career, he is most famous for his performance in.

However, rival teams soon caught up as McLaren was sidetracked by the development of the McLaren MP4-18, a radical new design, which.

Land Without Magic, while Facilier's plan to use Sabine and Weaver are sidetracked by unforeseen circumstances.

platform in the uninhabited Sagittarius sector, Flinx finds himself sidetracked once again to a new planet, Visaria.

to win her with loyalty, Henry's romance with Jacinda is about to be sidetracked after Lucy discovers a passage in the storybook, and Rogers and Weaver.

A knee injury in 2005 sidetracked his career a little, but made a strong comeback in defence during 2006.

States tried to re-launch the autonomy talks in 1982 but that effort was sidetracked by the outbreak of the 1982 Lebanon War.

The story follows Roy Hobbs, a baseball prodigy whose career is sidetracked when he is shot by a woman whose motivation remains mysterious.

a book she has written about Pawnee to advance her campaign, but is sidetracked when Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins) points out that she was not born in.

He is sidetracked by Professor Farnsworth and Bender, who force him to test out the Professor's.


siding; railway; railroad track; turnout; railroad siding; railroad;


come; take office; stay; arrive; nonattendance;

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