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sidewards শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

অংশ, অধিক কেন্দ্রীয়, এবং সবচেয়ে প্রভাবশালী শিকড় যা থেকে অন্য শিকড় পার্শ্বত প্ররোহ হয় ।

রেডিওগ্রাফস দাঁতের ক্ষয় এবং হাড়ের ক্ষয় পার্শ্বত বা শীর্ষে খুঁজে পেতে ব্যবহার করা হয় ।

sidewards's Usage Examples:

distinguished from other trilobites by the two furrows that extend forwards and sidewards from the front of the glabella.

“‘’’Leeway’’’” refers to the amount of sidewards translation of a vessel drifting off of or away from the intended course.

sideslip, these surfaces generate sidewards lift forces.

If the surface is above or below the center of gravity, the sidewards lift forces generate a rolling.

170 knots (196  mph, 315 km/h) in forward flight, 25 knots (29 mph, 46 km/h) sidewards, and 20 knots (23 mph, 37 km/h) rearwards.

a sidewards impulse is applied, the mass will move and never returns to zero.

The mass will come to rest due to friction however, and the sidewards movement.

straighter blade facilitated a thrusting motion, as well as an overhead or sidewards hacking motion, the rhomphaia could be used by tightly packed troops as.

which are unique in plesiosaurs (autapomorphies): The alveols are placed sidewards and a platform is present on the underside of the lower jaw that bears.

Tethyshadros insularis by an undulating upper profile of the ilium and a more sidewards projecting supra-acetabular crest.

while fingering the others by finger or fingernail alone, downwards or sidewards against the string, for there was no fingerboard to press them against:.

After one season, the club moved sidewards to the Isthmian League Division One North.

contractions are coordinated which enables the animal to swim forwards, sidewards or backwards.

seating layout, having substantially fewer acoustically-inferior seats sidewards and behind the stage than Berlin Philharmonie, incorporating elements.

The area between the nostrils is narrow, and not extended sidewards as in the Felinae.

reddish-brown femoral glands on his hind legs and a vocal sac that inflates sidewards.

(маховая сажень, makhovaya sazhen', distance between tips of arms stretched sidewards) = 1.

and the height and size of anything on an aircraft that changes its sidewards force as sideslip changes.

line AA the system is shown in a sharp curve: The centre frame is pushed sidewards and pivots the outer axles to align all wheels parallel to the track.

Catch point in the lower part, uphill view Steep area near the top, sidewards view Top end, uphill view www.

direction to drill or machine a hole – and/or combined with an arbitrary sidewards motion to machine an opening or cavity.

The characteristic feature of these flies is that they move sidewards and they feed preferably between the hind legs and on the perineum region.



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