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stepped Meaning in Bengali

 সোপানযুক্ত, সিঁড়িযুক্ত, সিঁড়ির আকারবিশিষ্ট,


সামান্য জায়গা, মাপ, গতি, দরজার ধাপ, পদাঙ্ক, পদচিহ্ন, কদম, পদ, দ্বারদেশ, পাদ, ক্রম, সিঁড়ির ধাপ, পদধ্বনি, পদক্ষেপ, ধাপ, পইঠা,


পদক্ষেপ দ্বারা মাপা, অল্পদূর ঘঁটা, হাঁটা, পদক্ষেপ করা, পদবিন্যাস করা,

stepped's Usage Examples:

When a stepped leader approaches the ground, the presence of opposite charges on the ground.

Generally, stepped ponds accompany nearby temples while.

In addition, they are not always intended to dissipate energy like stepped spillways.

A stepped gable, crow-stepped gable, or corbie step is a stairstep type of design at the top of the triangular gable-end of a building.

A stepped embrasure was often utilised on pillbox bunkers of the 20th century, allowing.

Lakkundi is a place of antiquarian interest with as many as 50 temples, 101 stepped wells (called Kalyani or Pushkarni) and 29 inscriptions, spread over the.

A step pyramid or stepped pyramid is an architectural structure that uses flat platforms, or steps, receding from the ground up, to achieve a completed.

stepped pyramids from the Terminal Pre-classic period and beyond.

These pyramids relied on intricate carved stone in order to create a stair-stepped design.

A cirque stairway or sequence of cirque steps is a stepped succession of glacially eroded rock basins.

of a sloping site or accommodates changes in soil strata, is called a stepped footing.

Stepped clines can be further subdivided into horizontally stepped clines, and obliquely stepped clines.

Horizontally stepped clines show.

Gabion stepped weirs are commonly used for river training and flood control; the stepped design enhances the rate of energy.

The ketch's main mast is usually stepped in the same position as in a sloop.

Journal India, Raju Narisetti was the founding editor of Mint till he stepped down in 2008.

smaller than the jib or genoa; Prout catamarans typically have a mainmast stepped further aft than in a standard sloop, so that the mainsail is much smaller.

In 2012, Siegfried stepped down, and Eva Emerson became the Editor in Chief of the magazine.

In 2017, Eva Emerson stepped down to become the editor.


high; high-stepping;


side; short; low;

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