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basrelief Meaning in Bengali

 যে ভাস্কর্যশিল্পে মূর্তির কারুকার্যগুলি খোদিত পৃষ্ঠতল থেকে সামান্য উঁচু হয়ে থাকে, ক্ষোদাই,

basrelief's Usage Examples:

end of the construction, and Vancaš and the workers decided to erect a basrelief in its memory.

Outside the apse is a 15th-century basrelief of the Madonna with Child.

Decorations include a row of merlons at the top, and a basrelief with the Lion of St.

chapel once belonging to the noble family of the Simoncelli, a Sansovino basrelief and a mosaic attributed to Giotto.

farm woman from Helena, Arkansas, displayed her Dreaming Iolanthe, a basrelief bust of a woman modeled in butter.

Sergius and Bacchus, basrelief from 1179.

Church of San Michele, built over a former Lombard chapel of which a basrelief remains today.

Sasuntsi Davit Gallery includes basrelief by Artashes Hovsepyan depicting scenes from the Armenian epic fable David.

1939-42 - The local Casa del Fascio built displaying a monumental Mussolini basrelief, recontextualized in 2017.

loggia is a 14th century rose window, with 15 rays and, at its center, a basrelief depicting the Agnus Dei.

Middle-Elamite basrelief of warrior gods, Susa, 1600-1100 BCE.

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