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A series of Olmec-style basreliefs from Chalcatzingo in the state of Morelos portrays crocodilians breathing.

The landmark was decorated by basreliefs which illustrated the legend.

capitals showing vegetable motifs; these in turn support is a lunette with basreliefs of Christ and the twelve apostles.

George the Martyr", built between 1769 and 1821 and including 14th century basreliefs; the church of "San Rocco", the Romanesque church of "Our Lady of Greece".

Costanza Sforza turned into a luxurious palace, with biblica frescoes and basreliefs of the duchy's lands, as well as a garden.

CS1 maint: discouraged parameter (link) Gérard van Caloen: Les basreliefs de Maredsous provenant de l'abbaye de Florennes, in: Annales de la Société.

The original altar was a masterpiece decorated with basreliefs and nine sculptures by Giovanni di Balduccio (1330), a pupil of Giovanni.

Along with depictions of battle and the military conquests of kings, the basreliefs of Bayon depict the mundane everyday life of common Khmer people, including.

Many of the faces of the square brackets bear oblong panels with basreliefs.

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