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defrosts Meaning in Bengali


সরাইয়া ফেলা,

defrosts's Usage Examples:

Auto-defrost, automatic defrost or self-defrosting is a technique which regularly defrosts the evaporator in a refrigerator or freezer.

The Snowman defrosts her and escapes.

He defrosts the glass a bit to watch her, and she turns around and sees him.

"The Sleeping Beauty in the Fridge: A Winter’s Tale": Peter defrosts Patricia regularly.

That night, Carmen defrosts of her own accord and turns out to be in an advanced state of decomposition.

The congregation is forced to stay longer while Groundskeeper Willie defrosts the doors, after which Marge discovers her car has broken down.

"'Frozen' defrosts Kristen Bell's Disney dreams".

Harley defrosts her body and breaks Freeze's gun, only to learn he was telling the truth.

(This refrigerator defrosts itself ) Men o'zimdan ranjidim.

residents a long weekend to plant seeds and tend fruit trees as the ground defrosts from the long Russian winter.

Joel defrosts Sheila's Mr.

""Frozen" defrosts Kristen Bell's Disney dreams".

"Batman: Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart DLC launch trailer defrosts online".

The treatment freezes, then defrosts tumors using small needles so that only the harmful tissue is damaged and.

Frost travel to the scene so Caitlin can freeze Borman, but he quickly defrosts and incapacitates Caitlin.


melt; thaw; de-ice; unthaw; dissolve; unfreeze; deice; dethaw;


integrate; begin; freeze; recall; block;

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