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dehumanised Meaning in Bengali

dehumanised's Usage Examples:

subjects are abstracted into angular geometric blocks of colour, becoming dehumanised components in a machine of death.

Evoking a dehumanised, individualistic and brutal society, the lyrics captured the alienation.

asexual people cannot feel love, and those that make asexual people feel dehumanised.

"'I was dehumanised': Lemn Sissay on hearing his harrowing abuse report live on stage".

3) Treated as a chattel, bought or sold as property, dehumanised.

Abbotsville, a free range laboratory, where the clones are deliberately dehumanised.

Bettelheim described children with autism as being ‘dehumanised’ (1967: 7) and ‘animal-like’ (1967: 360), while Frances Tustin called.

Or it could just be a genuine song about feeling dehumanised by the rigours of life in a touring pop band, and wanting to return to.

modern man's loneliness and the failure of human communication in a dehumanised civilization.

Despite its apparently dehumanised appearance, the trace of man is strong.

the desolate fields of Punjab making its painful transition towards a dehumanised urban world.

"Charles Bronson: I am being slowly dehumanised, kept in a concrete coffin".

Suburbs) in which he portrayed the transformation of a "small man" into a dehumanised creature as soon as he is seized with the proprietary instinct to possess.

Self-proclaimed as "the sole spokesman for the entire deprived, dehumanised lot of India.

Although braves were frequently demonised and dehumanised in contemporary accounts, they have also been portrayed sympathetically.

Another common theme is that of dehumanised, cyborg or android soldiers: human, or quasi-human beings who are themselves.


nonhuman; dehumanized; unhuman;


physical body; pes; Homo sapiens neanderthalensis; human;

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