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rumbled Meaning in Bengali

 গর্জন করা, গজরান, গুড়গুড় শব্দ করা, গুড়গুড় শব্দ বলা, গড়্ গড়্ করা, ঝাঁকি দিয়া চলা, ঝাঁকি দিয়া চালান,


গর্জন, গুড়গুড় শব্দ,


ঝাঁকি দিয়া চালান, ঝাঁকি দিয়া চলা, গড়্ গড়্ করা, গুড়গুড় শব্দ বলা, গুড়গুড় শব্দ করা, গজরান, গর্জন করা,

rumbled's Usage Examples:

consisting of izvikava and buchi krivo or "to shout out" and "crooked rumbled roars", while the ensemble holds a doubled or trebled drone.

fumbled punt by Calgary's Jim Silye, he took the lateral from Joe Vijuk and rumbled 33 yards into the end zone.

Like stagecoaches they rumbled past East End chimney pots, wharves and shipping stopping at empty black.

the third quarter, Brock Forsey gave Boise State the lead again, as he rumbled in from 2 yards out to place the Broncos in front 14–10.

when he intercepted a short pass in the 1963 NFL Championship game and rumbled down the field on a key play for a Bears victory.

483 km (300 mi) from the epicenter, victims left their homes as the rupture rumbled through the city.

unable to bring down Washington Redskins running back John Riggins, who rumbled 43 yards into the endzone for the game-winning touchdown.

In response, Dzelarhons rumbled and erupted, killing them with her fiery rage.

short unnumbered two-lane freeway with plastic stanchions posted on a rumbled asphalt median in Plymouth in the US state of Massachusetts.

As the conflict rumbled on, the Hofkriegsrat president Prince Eugene of Savoy appointed the loyal.

The first tanks rumbled out of the plant before its complete construction.

shot at while going ashore, no agreement was signed and the Civil War rumbled on until a much larger international peace-keeping force arrived to restore.

plots, and her war-cry of "Bri-an!" was always a sure sign that he'd been rumbled.

opened a can of worms that left David mortified that his identity was rumbled.

He was nicknamed 'Earthquake' because it was said that the ground rumbled when he rushed the passer.

"Cookie Gilchrist rumbled right until the end".

htm Cal's 1937 'Thunder Team' rumbled to Roses, San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 2004.

He recalled in 1969 "I'll never forget the shock that rumbled through the entire world of science fiction fandom when .


grumble; noise; grumbling; rumbling;


surrender; defend; make peace; nonoperational; cheer;

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