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রুম্বানৃত্য নাচা,

rumbas's Usage Examples:

endured for 30 years as a popular Brazilian radio singer and was noted for rumbas and sambas.

Unlike traditional flamenco, rumbas may be played in any key, major, minor and modal.

Canelita is mainly noted for his fandangos and bulerías, but can also sing rumbas and tangos.

The album included rumbas, tangos, bulerías, boleros, rancheras and ballads by Silvio Rodríguez, Lolita.

Assembled here is a selection of mambos, rumbas, boleros and cha cha chas performed by stellar artists of the Latin scene.

with a bass and a bongo, instead of the traditional palmas played on the rumbas.

He composed more than 300 rumbas and boleros.

fused with flamenco and rock and contrasting R'B influenced ballads and rumbas, arrangement-wise the album differed slightly to its predecessor as it featured.

in many of them, in Andalusian folklore, although she also interpreted rumbas and rancheras.

features fox trots, waltzes, marches, one-steps, two-steps, rags, tangos, and rumbas.

five years before his death… those years in Cuba served him to include “rumbas and “boleros” in his repertoire… which now Don Xoán plays.

and by the end of the decade he was recording poppier songs such as Gypsy rumbas that found a home in the Spanish hit parade.

divas, singers and actresses who sang boleros and canciones, but rarely rumbas.

These songs were actually in the form of urban guarachas (not proper rumbas), which had a binary meter in contrast to the ternary meter of traditional.


rhumba; folk dance; folk dancing;


stand still;

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