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sidesteps Meaning in Bengali

sidesteps's Usage Examples:

basic step is made up of two sidesteps to the left and right, followed by a turn in four steps.

In some countries, the sidesteps and turn are replaced by.

Bg5, White sidesteps immense bodies of opening theory of various Indian Defences like the Queen's.

Nf3, White sidesteps the Nimzo-Indian Defense that arises after 3.

heading, then once the deck motion is deemed to be acceptable the pilot sidesteps the aircraft laterally using a white painted line (the bum line) as a.

"Pivot" from Leinster and Irish rugby fans due to his exciting runs and sidesteps from broken play.

Science fiction author David Wingrove has commented that this work "sidesteps immediate political issues whilst conjuring up marvellous visual images.

book anthology to tell the story of the Occupy Wall Street protest that sidesteps the 24-hour news media's desire for sensationalism.

This sidesteps many objections to the Pascal's Wager dilemma that are based on the nature.

enthusiastically in many different professional fields, largely because it sidesteps complex debates in moral philosophy at the theoretical level.

ozeki Kotooshu while Asashoryu sidesteps Chiyotaikai.

Both men finish on 13–2 and in the subsequent playoff Hakuho sidesteps Asashoryu to win his second.

He has been noted for his flamboyant attack, including sidesteps, no-look passes and flick-passes.

half-baked, or expedient, which is an unsatisfactory compromise, or sidesteps the fundamental issue.



hedge; parry; quibble; duck; put off; beg; circumvent; elude; dodge; avoid; fudge; skirt; evade;


lend oneself; stand still; truth; consume; confront;

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