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It can also be called sidestepping.

Nicknamed "the eel" for his sharp sidestepping ability, Onozawa is the second most capped Japanese rugby player of all.

"skipped over the ooze and water as if he were running on a cinder track, sidestepping a small lake and a Penn tackler with one and the same motion.

The practice has been used by property owners as a means of sidestepping historic preservation laws by providing justification for the demolition.

investor's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed in 2015 in a Delaware court (sidestepping Bahamas jurisdiction) but dismissed in September.

The pace is kept off-kilter by brief chapters interjecting folklore or sidestepping to other seemingly unrelated stories.

used as a political tool to temporarily install an unpopular nominee by sidestepping the Senate's role in the confirmation process; the Senate has taken measures.

between him and the New Zealand goal line, Bennett started upfield by sidestepping and evading three tackles, in turn passing the ball to JPR Williams,.

quickly behind the left one, sidestepping it before one towards the left.

This step can also be done behind, sidestepping the foot behind oneself instead.

and an ability to stop short when travelling at top speed, and then sidestepping a tackler quickly.

hold in place rather than running or sagging, while at the same time sidestepping many of the traditional problems associated with Megilp, seeing how the.

Patrick Wormald, given in the definition above, allows for the graceful sidestepping of that controversy.

The player controls either Annie or Clint sidestepping and jumping in the foreground while shooting down enemy robots in the.

individualist malandro survives by manipulating people, fooling authorities, and sidestepping laws in a way which guarantees his well-being.

Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, (Milan), using Wikipedia to publish texts, sidestepping the necessary restrictions one has to follow for graduating in Italy.

They deal with intrapsychic conflict not by addressing it, but by sidestepping it".

instances the end consumer returns the product directly to the vendor, sidestepping the distributor.


hedge; parry; quibble; duck; put off; beg; circumvent; elude; dodge; avoid; fudge; skirt; evade;


lend oneself; stand still; truth; consume; confront;

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