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sideswipes's Usage Examples:

historical revisionism"; he identified "sanctimonious justifications and sideswipes at Lennon" throughout the text, which, he said, portrayed McCartney as.

"Vessel sideswipes cargo ship in Cebu; 519 passengers rescued".

But it does offer several stinging sideswipes at the "plutocrats, peers and parasites," and kids class distinctions.

On its own, this would have made good comedy, as there were also sideswipes at Bear Grylls' and Dan Snow's annoying presentational tics of adding.

Head-on collisions, sideswipes, and run-off-road crashes all belong to a category of crashes called lane-departure.

When Tom appears with his truck full of ballast, Red sideswipes him several times, finally forcing him off the road and onto the edge.

The Xiamen plane sideswipes a parked China Southwest Airlines Boeing 707-320B – injuring its pilot.

"One dead, dozens injured as Typhoon Ma-On sideswipes Japan".

the staging", which are "at the same time to be understood as ironic sideswipes at the excesses of mass tourism in Switzerland".

Before the party is set to begin, a speeding car sideswipes a man bicycling along a village lane.

line) and moral improvement (Bessy’s virtues recognized), takes a few sideswipes at the publishing business and still leaves the door open for what Bessy.

"Typhoon Nari sideswipes Okinawa".

"Homeric sideswipes ship at Quebec pier".

In the darkness of night, a hulking ship suddenly appears and sideswipes their boat.

On the final lap, Chick sideswipes and sends The King into a dangerous crash.


blow; bump;


succeed; miss; promote;

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